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WordPress maintenance solutions for professional online businesses, personal brands & agency owners

We manage everything a WordPress site needs in order to stay healthy in a business environment. Our back-up, security & analytics packages help owners around New Zealand!

Uptime Monitoring

Your website is checked every 60 seconds. If it goes down, we will know!

Google Analytics 

We compile all the important statistics about your site and put it in your report!

Updates & Back-ups

Monthly or Weekly back-ups and Updates with fail-safe rollbacks.

Monthly Reports

Comprehensive Monthly Reports detailing all changes and site status updates.

Woocommerce Report

A detailed woocommerce sales report is included in every report. Keep track fo your monthly earnings as well as which products your customers are loving!

SEO Keyword Ranking

We provide keyword rankings for keywords your site chooses to rank in. Keeping you in the loop and on tabs with your competitors.

Speed Optimization

We look at optimising your content and decreasing load time. Keeping your customers & servers happy.

Security Checks

Automated malware checks are performed weekly. A must-have for online businesses!

Why choose a care solution when you can do it yourself?

When we first started as a media agency we thought we could do it all! We had great ambitions and very little spare time. But as time grew and our sales increased, we began to lag behind on our own website duties. Back-ups would go unchecked and our updates sat dormant. 

It wasn’t long until our clients began to slack too! We brought out or new subscription service and they haven’t looked back since! We are actually quite amazed at the growth they have achieved once they freed up their time and focused on sales. 

So why not give it a try for yourself? The subscriptions can be cancelled anytime and we are able to cater to a variety of needs! We promise you won’t regret it!


Increase in productivity

Off-site Back-ups

Each off-site back-up is stored securely for up to 90 days. Our experts can restore your back-ups should you wish to rollback your site to before a crash

Dedicated Support

Getting help should be easy! You can use the support link on our maintenance plug-in to submit a ticket right to our inboxes meaning you never have to leave your site

Custom Development

Need more than just a couple changes? Get in touch with our development team who are fully equipped to hand your more complex development tasks


Our Subscriptions

*Please note that all pricing is billed monthly.

*Prices listed are in NZD.

*Prices listed include GST.


Often our customers have many questions when trying out our services for the first time! 

If you find that you have a question which isn’t answered here, feel free to get in touch with us via our contact page!

How does the onboarding process work?

Our onboarding process is very simple. Once you have chosen a plan, you will receive an email detailing everything included with your selection. Included in the email will be instructions on how to send us your login details for the site.

A member of our team will get in touch with you to discuss any intricate details about your site as well as what to expect next. Generally, onboarding takes 24hrs to complete with optimisation changes being completed within the first week.

Do we manage WooCommerce websites?

We sure do! We love clients who run their online stores through WooCommerce because we have integrated functions which simply your life! WooCommerce sites are supported on both plans but WooCommerce analytics will only be provided in “The Wholesome Package” plan.

Our team is experienced in handling multiple kinds of WordPress sites so you can feel safe knowing that your store is is good hands.

Do we allow multiple sites on a single subscription?

Currently, our subscriptions are limited to one site per plan. This is due to the high time and effort taken to manage sites, especially when completing edits. It simply would not be fair to our team.

You will need to purchase a second plan if you wish to benefit from our services on both sites. 

If you run a staging site please get in touch with us for special pricing options.

When will I be charged?

Unlike most businesses, we do not synchronise our billing to a certain day of the month. This gives customers more flexibility in signing up when it best suits them to be charged. 

Your billing date will be the date you sign up for the service. Under exceptional circumstances, this date can be changed but we find most customers are happy with their billing schedules.

All plans are recurring subscriptions which are billed monthly. 

What kind of edits are allowed?

Clients often ask what the difference is between custom development and fixes/edits. 

Whilst it is up to our discretion, most simple tasks are covered by our editing hours in our plans. This may include things like:

  • Installing & setting up new plug-ins
  • Setting up a child theme
  • Working on logo changes
  • Changing written content on pages when provided with a new copy
  • Uploading Media files
  • Troubleshooting errors
  • Styling changes (CSS)
  • And More!

Development tasks are usually tasks which can’t be completed within the allocated hours and require bulk time slots to get done. These tasks can be easily identified by their need for custom coding changes to the site.

What kind of security checks do we perform?

We believe in having a clean environment for online websites. Malware code is a common infection for WordPress sites which when left unchecked can steal customer info and even cause the site to malfunction.

In addition to scanning for Malware on a daily basis, we also list your Web Trust status which will inform you if you are blacklisted or not. Often sites which are blacklisted have severe security issues which need to be addressed. 

What kind of hosting providers can I use?

Rucastle Media supports all hosting platforms because we like to give our clients the freedom to pick and choose which host suits them. 

Whilst we have not had any issues in the past, if it is found that your hosting provider is blocking essential services from working, we will notify you and provide recommendations for a new host. We are also able to provide one-off migrations services upon request.

What is the usual response rate for fixes?

We like to ensure that the majority of our client’s edit/fix requests are handled within one working day. This means that our team strives to resolve tickets within 24hrs from being submitted. It is important that you provide as much detail about the problem so we can understand what needs to be changed. 

If an edit/fix is not resolved within 24hrs, you will be put on our priority support list in which a team member will contact you personally to discuss any hold-ups regarding the changes requested.

I think I have been hacked, can you help?

We certainly can! Hacking has become more and more common as website owners fail to keep their sites up to date. Luckily WordPress sites are well documented, making it easy to get rid of malicious code!

If you believe you have been hacked and can’t access your site you can send us a contact request on our contact page. A member of our team will get in touch with you to discuss a plan of action.

Am I able to call you for edits?

Unfortunately, due to the large volume of requests we get per day, we do not currently allow request edits through phone calls. 

You are able to request a live Skype session in which a team member will get in touch with you. Team members assigned to your ticket may also request a live Skype session depending on the complexity of your ticket.

Looking for a website?

Our team will provide a tailored obligation-free website proposal. Don’t worry its free, quick & easy!