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What to expect

Last updated: 27/02/18

A quick list of our guidelines and policies in relation to client turnaround and overall communication. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via our contact page

Turnaround Times

We strive to get back to clients in a quick and timely manner when accepting new projects, resolving issues or taking on additional work. In order to achieve this, we work towards maintaining a turnaround time of 24 hours or less. This ensures that our current tasks are not interrupted by constant communication. As there are many benefits our clients love from having a small web team working for them, there are a few drawbacks, as such as are not able to provide 24/7 constant communication all year round.


We believe that effective communication is important to the success of any project. This is why we work on communicating with clients in a direct manner. This ensures that communication is kept to a minimum while all aspects being communicated are understood fully.


Email is our preferred method of communication. It allows us to store and refer back to any information passed by yourself, the client. Emails can also be forward through to the appropriate individual without too much effort on our part. This helps keep us on track!


We have chosen not to list our phone number publically and is only provided to select clients of the Rucastle Media family. We encourage clients to use our mobile number sparingly due to our high work volumes our team experiences. Please keep in mind that we maintain multiple clients per day and cannot respond to all requests via calls or texts. If you are in need of a call, this is best scheduled in as a 15-minute meeting. Rucastle Media does not maintain a voice-mail service as it is not necessary due to our clients having multiple channels to contact us such as email, skype or text. 


Skype is available to all international clients who are not able to meet in person in New Zealand. If you are an international client looking to work with Rucastle Media, please send through a request on our contact page and one of our team will assist you!


Meeting Guidelines

Meetings are an important part of any full scope project and as such we treat them with the utmost respect. Our meeting process is standardised in order to meet the need of all our clients in an effective manner. Full scope projects are kept to a minimum of 3 meetings during the project, this is done to keep our ideas and processes aligned with your vision for the website. Physical meetings are generally kept to 30-45 minutes, however, can be extended upon request.

Please note that all physical meetings need to be scheduled in a week before the meeting date. You can do this via email or through our contact page.