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Website Design & Development Services.

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Web Packages &
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Website Development & Support

We focus on building long-term partnerships with our clients. In doing so, we believe that a strong development and support infrastructure is needed to ensure our clients grow. Our packages provide both development skills for web projects as well as support packages to help maintain those projects in the future. Got something a bit more technical? We love being challenged by complex web applications and integrations.

Website Development
Rucastle Media is able to provide a full range of technical and design expertise to manage website projects of any size. We are able to work with smaller businesses for single page portfolio sites or with larger businesses for multi-page e-commerce sites with custom integrations.
Security Audit
We provide security audits for clients who take their website security seriously. These audits include a full review of your current website and hosting provider as well as suggestions for improved customer data management. We will walk you through our suggestions as well as what you may need to do in order to meet current industry standards for online website security. We also provide regular security check-ups as part of our maintenance plans to ensure you and your clients are always safe!
Website Support

We not only build sites but support them too. Our support packages provide a comprehensive solution to managing and maintaining your website. This includes updates, critical security vulnerability notices, hot fixes for issues, SSL monitoring, uptime monitoring and, multi-stage backups to ensure that you always have a fallback plan should something go wrong. 

Website Design & Online Strategy

We work with a small collection of partners to provide an all-encompassing experience to website development and design. Good development requires a great designer to bring the back-end functionality and the front-end graphics together. We focus on marrying the functionality of your website or web application with your brand identity to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for your users.

Single Page Design
We offer optimised landing page designs that are best used for marketing and promotional campaigns. These pages can be altered to focus on organic search results (SEO) or to focus on high conversion rates on paid campaigns.
Website Hosting
Rucastle Media is able to provide website hosting specifically catered to the New Zealand audience. Hosting support is provided free of charge with every hosting client to ensure your website stays online when you need it. We also partner with a small selection of providers to help service our overseas clients.
API Development
Working within your environment or one we have built ourselves, we can provide the technical expertise to structure and develop a custom API system for your website or web application. Your custom API can be used to provide integrations with 3rd party services or allow you to better utilise your platform internally.

COmplete Website Packages


A scoping document for your project with an evaluation of your current website or application


The creation of mock-ups to fully define what your website or application will look like


Feedback and revision sessions to refine your ideas and finalise the entire scoped project


Development begins with an initial minimum viable product and a series of feedback sessions. 

Website Design

Deluxe Full Service Website Package

An all encompassing package which covers everything you need to set up a website. We will take you through conceptualisation and design as well as content creation and strategy.

  • Design & Brand Consultation
  • Online Content Strategy Guidance Sessions
  • Photographic & Written Content Creation
  • Website Design & Development
  • Website Management Training
  • 3 Month Support Package
  • Optional Extras Available

Website Development

Website Development Package

A package for businesses who are looking to improve their online presence and are able to provide their own content. This package includes a full website build fully developed around the content you provide.

  • Website Setup & Development
  • Website Management Training
  • 3 Month Support Package
  • Optional Extras Available

Other Packages 

SEO & Analytics Package

Tracking your website visitors is an important step to better identifying your online audience and how they interact with your brand. Our SEO and Analytics package allows our clients to track their visitors and learn how they can improve their offering to not only better their on-site experience but also their content to improve their SEO scores.

Build A Subscriber Base

Allow your business to fully utilise your online customers by building out a subscriber database that you can market to. We focus on getting your website set up to capture new contact submissions as well as new online customers. This service will help you use these contacts to better your re-marketing efforts through clearly identified target audiences.

Website Re-platform or Migration

We are able to package up your current website in order to prepare for a migration to a new host. We also provide assistance in re-deploying your website on your new host with a full checklist in place to ensure everything runs smoothly after the move. Get in touch for complex multi-platform migrations.

Build a Landing Page

Well performing landing pages are crucial for a successful marketing campaign. Leading your customers to a poorly designed landing page may lead to increased conversion costs and high visitor drop off. We are able to work within your current website environment and help you set up landing pages for either SEO or paid marketing activities.

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