Agency Services

From Hosting to Marketing,

we cover the whole package.

Agency Services

From Hosting to Marketing,

we cover the whole package.

Website Development

Modern Design

Modern, interactive and timeless. We focus on building professional websites which encourage online user interaction and promote healthy online trades. From consumer to B2B websites, we believe all brands can benefit from an intuitive design.


Online sales are constantly being tweaked, altered, and reinvented. We work with custom and established e-commerce platforms to provide businesses with the best online sales opportunities. We focus on using analytical data to track your sale flows and provide value to customers.

Mobile Responsive

Responsive websites re-arrange content to match any screen size. This allows businesses to create one website that fits all. Our team tracks every change through multiple devices to make sure all your website changes are co-ordinated perfectly between screens.


  • Website Design

  • Platform Development

  • Online Ecommerce


  • Website Maintenance

  • Custom Applications

  • WordPress Plugins


  • Analytical Tracking

  • SEO

  • Website Hosting

Social Media

Strategic Content

Multiple Accounts

Influencer Marketing

Social Media can be daunting and we understand that. Rucastle Media works from the top down to analyse what you have been doing already and how we can apply our processes to improve it. We then work from scratch to build your brand without any abrupt changes for your users.

As a local business, we know how our consumer market is addicted to Social Media. From local influencers to international brand reps, we focus on providing value from your brand and expanding awareness across your media profiles. An increase in your social media following can help your business grow its brand image and create awareness in the market.

This model is perfect for new ventures who need to hit the ground running without spending too much time and money on their own in-house marketing team. We manage multiple social media channels and ensure public correspondence is co-ordinated throughout. With a well established reviewing process, your business can ensure that everything that is being sent out is up to standard and representing your business well. 

Social Media followings can lead to increases in sales, better brand awareness and overall an improved brand image which customers can refer to. Providing social verification can also help personal brands grow their audience and prove validity in the brand itself.

Whilst we believe social media marketing is the way forward for any business looking to dominate in the online space, it certainly can be helped with other online promotion methods. This includes email marketing, Google Ad words, and affiliate programs. Our clients have seen great success through affiliate links as well as online promotions through third parties such as Groupon and Treatme. 

We always encourage our clients to complete a market research period before beginning their marketing with us. This allows us to review what the industry is doing as well as how to approach any given audience. Businesses who have identified their audience well can provide their own previous campaigns for us to break down and build upon for the future. After all this is done, we focus on utilising all these methods to provide a unified front to potential customers for your brand. 


  • Profile Set-up

  • Brand Management

  • Content Creation


  • Market Research

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Influencer Marketing


  • Discount Promotions

  • Affiliate Management

  • Blog Posts

Graphics & Content

Rucastle Media covers a wide range of online and offline content creation. This can include logos, cover ads, infographics, social media posts and photography. We offer complete graphical management services to businesses and brands of all sizes. All content is approved ahead of being published and can be revised multiple times to fit different audiences. 

Many brands find that utilising different graphics and marketing departments can lead to complications along the promotional process. The benefit of having your graphics and marketing under one roof is that both departments can talk to each other freely and are aligned to have the same agenda for any material that is created.

Rucastle Media also provides written content for websites as well as online promotional copy. 

We understand that brands of all sizes do not have the time to write every single blog post or every single promotional ad for their audiences. We provide professional copywriting services to customers who partake in our marketing and development services. We consider words to be the bread and butter of a meal while the graphical content is the presentation. Without well crafted online copy, websites do not perform well as they are unable to win over customers. The same applies to promotional campaigns which need to be written with the audience and intended goals in mind.

We make sure you are conveying the correct message and leading customers towards your intended goals.


  • Logo Creation

  • Brand Identity

  • Promotional Graphics


  • Web Copy

  • Case Studies

  • Email Copy


  • Promotional Copy

  • Brand Typography

  • Newsletters


Our team will provide a tailored obligation-free website proposal. Don’t worry its free, quick & easy!

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