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February 20, 2023

Displaying Inventory from Multiple Locations on Woocommerce from Vend

Issue: Vend HQ provides no way to show Woocommerce store customers where their inventory is located.

Solution: Our custom plugin which adds a modern dropdown to your product pages showing customers exactly where your physical stock is located.

As e-commerce continues to grow, it's becoming increasingly important to provide accurate and timely information about your product inventory. Customers expect to know exactly what's available and where, and if you can't deliver, they may go elsewhere. That's why it's essential to have a WordPress plugin that allows you to integrate stock from multiple inventory locations through management systems like Vend, and display this information to customers in a neat format on your product page.

We found that while Vend was able to sync inventory information, there was no way to show users where the stock was located in our physical stores. That is why we developed our own custom plugin which can be integrated with any Woocommerce store to show inventory data from each location in Vend and present it to the end customer on the product page.


Our custom plugin uses your existing Vend API keys to pull inventory data for a specific product when the user loads the page. If it is the first time the page is loaded, the data is pulled and stored on the site. The data is then pulled from the site for every visit afterwards to ensure the pages maintain their loading speeds under heavy traffic.

We have integrated a clearing function that can be adjusted to download new data at intervals. Our default timing is 5 minutes to ensure the data the user is seeing is always up to date.


Our custom plugin works alongside the existing Vend setup instead of replacing it. This allows us to ensure future updates from Vend do not disrupt the amount of inventory made available to purchase on your Woocommerce store.

No need to re-sync your existing inventory either! Our plugin loads the data on an as-needed basis for each product so it's always ready and available for your customers to see.


Installation is done on a per-client basis. As our plugin is custom-made, there are a few settings we need to set up to make it fit perfectly with your store & theme. Installation is done in less than 24 hours and is monitored by our team for a week to ensure everything runs smoothly. We also update the plugin periodically to add new features that customers have requested!

The WordPress plugin can work with any existing Woocommerce/Vend integration and works alongside the default setup to provide added functionality to your store. The customer gets a neat dropdown accordion list which shows which physical stores have the product available and how much stock is available in each of those stores. Our team can customise this list to match your website branding and style.

Reach out to us today to get this integrated into your Woocommerce store!


Can I integrate my existing store?

Yes! Our plugin works with brand-new and existing stores. Products which have already been synced will have their data updated automatically.

Does the plugin affect my site speed?

We have spent a lot of time ensuring the plugin loads just as quickly as your site! To avoid adding page loading overhead, we pull new data for the product after the rest of the page loads and insert it dynamically into the page. This allows us to get customers viewing the product while the inventory data downloads in the background.

Do you cover updates?

We regularly perform updates to the plugin and inform our customers when a new update is available. Unless there is a major revision change, our updates can be dropped in over the previous plugin for easy upgrading.

What support do you provide?

After our team finishes installing the plugin, we spend a week monitoring the site daily to ensure everything is running smoothly. All plugin purchases also include 6 months of free support for any issues relating to the Vend Multi-Inventory plugin.

Can you customise the plugin for my store?

Yes! Our team can customise the plugin to fit your store's look & feel! From complex dropdowns for stores with many physical locations to dedicated pick-up buttons for each store, our team can assist in a range of modifications.

What is the price of the plugin?

Pricing of the plugin is done on a per-store basis as each installation process is different depending on the theme and plugins your site uses. We are more than happy to provide a FREE quote for the installation should you enquire below.

Are you able to help with other Vend integrations?

Absolutely! Our team has worked with several stores to help automate their Vend integrations beyond the basic functionality. Tasks like automated store consignment transfers & automated order shipping notices can all be done via our team.

Reach out to us today to get this integrated into your Woocommerce store!

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