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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide ongoing services

We believe in investing in our clients. As such, we work with the aim of keeping our clients on board for a term of 2 years or more. Our projects can be large and complex in nature, as such we maintain our relationships with clients to see their projects grow and help provide supporting services along the way. 

Can I get a quote

Of course! We provide free quotes for small to medium projects, feel free to get in touch with us via the above contact form. For larger projects that require research, a pre-approved scoping fee will be charged.

Do we provide marketing services

Rucastle Media currently does not provide marketing services to our clients but we do have a strong network of partners which we can connect you with for marketing and lead generation activities. 

What is a security audit

A security audit includes a full review of your websites security setup. We evaluate potential vulnerabilities in your website and hosting environments as well as provide suggestions on how you can improve your overall website security. We also include suggested best practices for managing customer data and data backups. 

Do you provide strategy sessions

Yes, we are able to provide one-off strategy sessions or a series of strategy sessions as part of an ongoing strategic plan. Strategy sessions are also available in larger custom integration projects. 

Website support availability

We are able to provide a full support package for your website including hosting, maintenance, security scans and more. We also provide subscription packages for premium support in case of emergencies. 

Can we provide design work

We work with a collection of talented designers to help bring our projects to life. We are able to provide a full custom design package or work within the scope that your previous designer has provided. 

Do we have free content

Rucastle Media is working on a collection of free content in the second half of 2021. Parts of our collection includes common plugins requested by our clients, a series of instructional videos for managing and improving your website, as well as a dashboard which will help you monitor your online presence.

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