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A collection of connected individuals who love to show off our talents

We have built a team which represents our passion and our talents.

Knowing the limits of our abilities is important, but knowing when to push the boundaries is what separates us from the others.

Multi-Talented Individuals

At Rucastle Media, we believe in sourcing talent from a variety of sources. While most in-house teams are limited to their own skills, we try our best to use a mix of multi-skilled freelancers and our own in-house team members. This means that we can extend our skills where needed, allowing us to source the best talent from around the world while still keeping our core competencies closer to home. 

Small & Dedicated

Keeping our operations small keeps us focused. Maintaining our small teams and big ideas allows us to focus on doing a few things really well! Because we are a small agency, we get to bring our true talents to every project. Not only will you get to be involved with the entire process but our CEO personally sits down with every client before a project. Getting to know our clients is the first step in creating a meaningful relationship.


We care about our community. More importantly, we know that if we are able to support the community then the community can support us. We believe it is a mutual relationship that should never go sour! So we do our best to support local businesses first before expanding our arms to other areas. Ohana means family… And family never gets left behind!

Rucastle Media is something very special in my heart. I remember the first day I began working on the idea, just a small freelancer who had big aspirations to create something worth spending time on. While Rucastle Media still has a lot of room to grow, I am happy that we are able to help out small businesses realize their passions and most importantly, we get to help them grow through online commerce.

Even if you are not interested in using our services, I want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to consider Rucastle Media. It is not every day that you get to create something that thousands of people will see. Your attention is what fuels the passion of not only me but everyone in our team.

So thank you!

Donovan Rucastle
Lead Developer