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About Us

We're a small team who are obsessed with online performance
Rucastle Media is comprised of a team with both internal and external developers who love websites, automation and data. Instead of building a large internal team, we have focused on building a network of highly skilled contractors who assist with any technically challenging development tasks. This ensures your outcomes are not limited to the local talent in New Zealand. 
Our main vision is to help businesses collect more data through outstanding websites, better understand the data they are collecting from their tools and then automate their tasks to better utilise that data for strategic growth decisions. Automation is absolutely key when your business starts to hit exponential growth as hiring new employees who are highly skilled in your industry is far easier said than done. 


We only take on a handful of clients per year, allowing our entire team to focus on each client indivdiually

Join Our Team

Interested in bespoke development on a micro scale? You might be a good fit for our team!

Data-Driven Growth

Incremental growth through data-driven analytics and automation.
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