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Why not bring them together to create something beautiful?

Rucastle Media is a Web Design Agency with a difference. We focus on bringing brands online through creative web design, active social media marketing & strategic online deployment. If you can bring a brand, we can help you connect with millions around the world!


Comprehensive hosting options which satisfy high workloads and dedicated traffic flows while maintaining consistent up-times.


Story rich designs emphasized through logical workflows and comprehensive CRM’s.


Marketing concepts which extend the boundaries of what can be achieved through genuine human interaction online.



We take the stress out of bringing your startup online so that you can focus more on building your business.





Website Creation Process


The idea


Our process starts with an idea. Luckily enough, by the time you approach an agency, you usually have a vague idea in your head. We work through the steps for refining this idea and bringing it into a workable concept. From there we can introduce features and systems to enhance your original concept.



Now that we have a working idea, we need to see how it looks! Our mock-up phase is designed to give you an idea of what the final product will look like. This way we can work out any visual and functional details before we implement any important systems. Mock-ups are quick and easy to change and as such we love the rapid development of this step.

Revising Content


So we have a functional mock-up and some great ideas, what is next? We need some content to fill your site with! This is really where the creative process of making the site your own steps in. Your rep will work with you to get a feeling of the content you can provide and what we can create. From there we make a checklist of everything we need and look at creating the site.

Site Creation


This is the exciting part! Site creation is usually the longest step of our journey. It involves bringing all the mock-ups and content into a functional site. We build the site piece by piece from the hosting platform all the way to the contact form. A big part of site creation is testing, ensuring everything you asked for works as intended.

Final Edits



Great! Now you get to see your site and give us some feedback. We love this part of the process because we get to see the huge smile on our customer’s faces! After the steps above, it is nice to finally have a product in your hands which you can play around with and decide exactly how you want to refine it. The important aspects of this step are to make any minor changes and also provide some personalised changes to make your life easier when using the site. Not everyone knows how to code, and we understand that!

SEO & Training


That brings us to our final step! You have your functioning site and a whole world of possibilities for customers online. We will work with you to get personnel trained on using functions on the site such as accepting orders or managing contact forms. As you will be hosting with us, all maintenance tasks will be handled by our hosting team. Lastly, we optimise the site for public search engines. While SEO is a highly misunderstood topic in the online world, our team is happy to get you on your feet and help you rank higher in public searches!

That’s it! Your site is live and your customers are whipping out their wallets!



Currently, our offices are around and about due to our recent expansion into Auckland. Let’s just say we are workers on the run for a little while!
But don’t worry! We prefer to visit our clients so that we can get a sense of how customers see your business. We see it as an important part of developing your online presence.
If you are looking to do business with us once our offices are up and running, feel free to sign-up with the button below. We will include you in our office launch newsletter!

WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify Integration

We are able to accommodate to your needs no matter the platform. We pride ourselves on expanding the horizons of what is possible with rapid development. Take a look at the platforms below to see which one suits you best!

If you are looking for a custom solution then head over to our contact form and let us know!

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